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Whether you're looking to take a short course to boost your knowledge in one area of business and marketing or you're ready to go the whole hog and get your business in front of a way more people who deserve to know about you, there's something for you here.


Signature Business Retreat



Vibrant Entrepreneur Signature Virtual Business Retreat

This online programme covers everything you need to get your holistic/wellness business and marketing knowledge up to speed.

OPENS FOR BETA TESTING on 15th September 2017
This programme will open at a reduced rate to a small number of therapists/instructors to test the programme before the programme launches in January 2018.

If you'd like to join the VIP list and have first refusal to come on board at the reduced rate just click the link below:

Mini Remedies

Mini Remedies

These bite-size courses and resources are focused on specific areas of business, marketing or tech and will help you take actionable steps today to grow your holistic/wellness business.

Done-for-You Content

Done-for-You Content

This monthly package will take away the headache of knowing what to send in your client newsletters and post on social media and eliminate the time spent searching for suitable content.